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Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission



Being a manufacturer of Automotive Plastic Parts & Assembling with world class quality, with timely delivery in order to give satisfaction to Customers.



In order to achieve that vision, we launched 5 missions:

1. Innovate in Products and Processes.

2. Make continuous improvement to customer satisfaction.

3. Provide Products and Services (Services) that have added value for customers.

4. Build good partnerships for growth and existence.

5. Developing potential human resources.


Quality Policy

PT. VUTEQ INDONESIA is striving to become an automotive component manufacturer. Providing reliable assembling service industry, in every operational activity always prioritizes customer needs and satisfaction by fulfilling the customer's satisfaction, therefore the company establishes 5 quality policies in 2017 to achieve and support the operation.

I. Safety

1. If any hazardous work is found report it immediately and make repairs.

2. Forklifts, trucks and all vehicles are required to comply with the speed limit of driving.

3. Not allowed to run in the factory area, although in a hurry.

II. Quality

1. Improve quality control of tier 2 suppliers.

2. Put the image clearly, easy point NG occurrence and NG findings.

3. Show standard work, and manage folder.

III. Jobs & Kaizen

1. Increase productivity by 10% from result 2016.

2. Sort the document, pc data, unused form.

3. Do the job easily understood by others.

IV. 5S

1. Get used to not making and disposing of garbage.

2. Make it a habit to prevent dust on the desk, on shelves and columns.

3. Install all horizontal position bulletins and update if dirty or damaged.

V. Human Resource Improvement

1. Learn the work of other departments, to be able to expand the work area as well as job responsibilities

2. Not submit work to 1 person, but teach other jobs to be able to do the job.


This Quality Policy is communicated and understood by all employees of PT. VUTEQ INDONESIA.